Anytime you are buying a business you are taking a risk—so it pays to hire an expert to work for you. Most owners of existing businesses, who are looking to buy, don’t know what else is out there for sale, or what that company should be worth.

There are 3 key resources that HSSI provides Buyers—research, valuation and negotiation. We will research our extensive network and try to find the right business for you to buy. We will drill down to assess and value the target business; experience and knowledge of the market is what we bring to this part of the process. Finally as an independent 3rd party, HSSI will negotiate on your behalf and make sure you make the right offer.

Security companies know how to sell security systems and service their clients—very few security companies know how to buy effectively. Harding Security is one of the few companies in Canada with the extensive experience on the buy side of the acquisition process. We have been buying security businesses for more than 20 years.


  • In consultation with you, size up your capability to expand and what you should be looking at to buy.
  • Search the market to find suitable candidates and bring them to you.
  • Assess the valuation of the businesses that are for sale.
  • Convince the owner that selling to you will be a good thing.
  • Draft the terms of a Letter of Intent to be presented to the seller.
  • Get the Letter of Intent signed and make suggestions as to the appropriate due diligence steps.
  • Following a successful due diligence, draft the Purchase and Sale Agreement.
  • Supervise closing the deal.

Finding the right business to buy and getting the deal done at a reasonable price is a time-consuming, detailed and negotiated process and HSSI has extensive experience and know-how in the security industry. Hiring HSSI will save you time and money and will close the deal when you are ready to buy.

Additional Services – Integration

On a consulting basis, after the sale, we can help you integrate the new business into your current operations.

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