In its selling function, HSSI acts as an intermediary to help owners sell their security business. Victor Harding, the principal behind HSSI, has been buying and selling security businesses for more than 20 years.

Like using a good realtor to sell your house, HSSI brings market knowledge, a large network of contacts base and experience in closing deals.

Sellers need to understand that the Buyer will undoubtedly have all sorts of advisors (accountants, lawyers etc.) working on their side; so you the Seller need someone on your side. HSSI works for you to get you the best possible deal.


  • Review your decision to sell to ensure that you are doing it for the right reasons and at the best time.
  • Provide you an estimated valuation of your business to establish realistic expectations.
  • Review tax implications of any deal and push you on your plans after you sell.
  • Create a selling package that best describes your business to potential buyers.
  • Search out potential buyers and solicit bids from the best of them.
  • Advise you on choosing the best offer and negotiate a Letter of Intent.
  • Monitor the due diligence process for the Seller.
  • Help the seller and their lawyer in the review on the final Purchase and Sale agreement, which is usually drafted by the buyer.
  • Work to close the deal.

We take charge of the entire selling function from start to finish. We believe the seller needs multiple competing offers to get the best price for your business. We also believe it is best that you continue to run your business while we work
on selling it.

HSSI has an extensive buyer contact list, knowledge of the market and what security companies are worth and the ability to get a deal done.

If you have found a buyer for your business and want some outside advice on the terms being offer and some help getting the deal closed, Harding Security can help you here as well.

Our fees are a small % of the final selling price.

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